In addition to legal representation, Mr. Darya-Azarm has also been providing seminars on the following topics as a long-time lecturer at the Deutschen Angestellten-Akademie [DAA]


These either take place as at-home training or as weekend seminars.

Labour and Works Constitution law

To exercise the right of participation properly and efficiently, you need to have knowledge of the relevant instruments and regulations of Labour Law in general, and of the Works Constitution Law in particular.


As part of our seminars you will be taught complex materials in an understandable and practical manner.


Below you will find a brief outline of the topics covered:

Basic concepts of employment law

Hiring new employees

Employment contracts, compensation and working hours

The impact of collective agreements on employment relationships

The anti discrimination laws [AGG]

Overview of terminating working relationships

The transfer of operations and its impact

Termination types

Alternative methods of terminating a working relationship

The general and special protections against dismissal

Involvement of work councils at terminations

Special features of restructuring companies

Social security and tax aspects of terminations




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